In der oberen Petershöhle

This terroir is our pride and joy. Our father started recultivating the old terraces in the Petershöhle, right next to the forest, over 30 years ago. Virtually impassable terrain, lots of undergrowth, thorns and bloody fingers. The entire mountain was abandoned many decades ago because managing the area represented too great a task – lucky for us. Not only does it offer the most beautiful view, but the soil conditions, the micro climate, and the wonderful polyculture there also make this place extremely special. The barren, biscuit-like red sandstone soils and the cooling terraces close to the forest produce wines with constantly high acidity levels. Several days of maceration buffer the acidity and this results in a floral spiciness and pleasant herbaceousness. The red sandstone gives the wines a very iron-rich character. Despite trace amounts of SO2, the wine seems secretly stable and reduced.