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We are the five dots: Jonas, Lukas, and Philipp Seckinger. We cultivate our Mittelhaardt vineyard in the beautiful Palatinate region with its world-famous locations. These locations on the Mittelhaardt and the bordering South Palatinate are the bedrock of our work.

Philipp: always thinking about how and when is best.

Jonas - organization expert and meticulous timekeeper

Lukas - everything under control outside. Pure routine.

Work by hand: In many of our locations at the edge of the forest, this is the only way we’re able to cultivate.

Our goal every year is to bottle this terroir without altering it—for a wine that’s typical of the vintage.

View over the upper Petershöhle looking south towards Deidesheim.

Mottled sandstone, chalk and loess characterize most of the locations here. There’s no one vineyard with just one type of rock; it’s always a mixture of sea, river, wind, arid, and slope deposits.

We’re both lucky and proud to be able to cultivate wine in the Palatinate’s exciting locations steeped in tradition.

Geology comes to the fore in places to reveal the basis of our wines.

Biodynamics: all three of us quickly realized this is the path into the future.

Each wine receives the time it needs to develop all the character of its roots.

Spontaneous fermentation, wooden casks, and no fining agents—all this is a matter of course for us. Zero outside tampering and plenty of time in the barrel make our wines naturally stable as well as unique.

We have to understand every single vine to help it as it grows and rests. We’ve found lots of answers in biodynamics.

Seckinger isn’t just the three of us, but our family and lots of good friends too.

Friends: Behind every great wine are even more amazing people who’ve been with us since we were in nursery.

Our family is our most valuable treasure—everybody chips in and gives 100% every day out of pure joy and passion for what we do.

Inspiration, motivation, and communication with our winemaker friends are what set us and our wines apart.