Deidesheim Herrgottsacker

The Herrgottsacker is one of the largest single-site vineyards in Deidesheim in terms of the area it encompasses, and, as such, the soils and micro climate are different here. Half of the grapes from our Herrgottsacker come from sites close to the forest, which have a high acidity and a rather green, fresh grape structure, while the other half comes from the Herrgottsacker's core terroirs. An extremely barren, old red and yellow sandstone soil dominates in this area. It often gets very warm here and we harvest the grapes at high degrees of ripeness. By pressing whole clusters of the core vineyard and subjecting the forest vineyards to a maceration period, we achieve a perfectly balanced style. Phenolics, salt, acidity, and a yellow-ripe aroma represent the perfect gateway to our world of terroir wines.